Singapore Lottery 4D & ToTo Predictions

Apr 14

Welcome to SgRichBoy Singapore 4D & ToTo Predictions website. SgRichBoy Predictions founded December 2007, is a lottery prediction service founded by Mr Sam Onn. Over the years this service gained the trust of many punters and have predicted correctly many top three prizes of the Singapore Pools 4D Lottery.

SgRichBoy Lottery Predictions predicts Singapore Pools Lottery numbers. It also offers free and paid predictions to punters. Paid predictions includes Donator’s Membership where you can view additional prediction numbers dedicated for donator’s only.

Enjoy using our site and should you have any questions, please contact us. Disclaimer Notification: By using Sgrichboy Predictions, Free or Paid. You are betting your money on a game which has 0.1% of winning and shall not hold Sgrichboy responsibility for your bet amount losses. Sgrichboy Predictions is not affiliated with any state lottery operators. Our predictors are trained professionally and have predicted many winning sets over the past years.


New Donation Fee & Enhanced Memberships W.E.F 01 July 2014!


  1. I can wait for first price please help me

  2. Mayli Lee /

    how do I get your prediction every draw, what is the smallest duration of payment.

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